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CAI members have access to information in this rapidly changing industry with practical knowledge and insights from leaders in the field, best practices, research and tools you can use  every day. We provide information, resources and education programs to help you keep current on the latest news, laws and issues affecting community associations, condominiums and cooperatives, and the homeowners who call them home.

As a CAI member, you'll also get a membership to your local chapter and gain a network of industry colleagues of nearly 40,000 of them in 64 chapters worldwide.


  • Automatic membership in our Houston chapter, where you can take advantage of networking and learning opportunities
  • Common Ground,™ CAI's bimonthly, full-color, award-winning magazine, is filled with information, perspectives and industry trends you can't get anywhere else.
  • Around-the-clock access to CAI's information-rich website,, including an extensive education center, research library, Job Market and directory of service providers
  • Legislative and regulatory representation in Washington, D.C., and state capitals via member-driven CAI legislative action committees
  • Member discounts on almost everything - including 40 percent off the retail price of books and merchandise in CAI's online bookstore
  • CAI Exchange, a private online community that enables members to network, exchange ideas, find information and share documents
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CAI and its 64 chapters provide countless products and services to individual members, but membership dues deliver much more than individual benefits. Our work is responsible for outcomes that benefit homeowners, association boards and the professionals who support common-interest communities.

State and Federal Advocacy. We work on scores of critical state and national issues to help ensure that association boards, community managers and other professional service providers can continue to build and strengthen communities.

Education and Professionalism. CAI's education programs inspire personal achievement, but they also create greater respect, recognition and rewards for all those who build careers and businesses that depend on the continued success of community associations.

Sharing the Positive Story. Our mission includes actively communicating the value and importance of common-interest housing to those who are in positions to influence our property values, communities, careers and professions. The messages we convey shape perceptions by focusing on the value and dedication of association board members, community managers and other professionals who support their community association clients.

Each new member makes CAI a more respected, effective and successful advocate. Imagine how much more could be accomplished with your support as a CAI member!

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