Join A Committee

Get the Most Out of Your Experience. Get Involved! 

Be recognized by, and recognize your peers. Stay current and focused on what you need to know. 
You'll get the most out of your membership if you invest time into helping CAI Houston committees stay active and innovative. Our committees implement the strategic plan for the Chapter. From programs to publications to legislative activity, committee members provide the strength that enables the Chapter to meet the needs of its member communities.  
Some of the benefits: 

Meet, network and establish a rapport with other industry members and the community association industry 

Establish yourself and your company as a leader in the community association industry 

Keep abreast of changes, trends and developments in the community association industry 

Recognition among peers for outstanding work and volunteerism 

Share knowledge and experiences to create quality programs & services to improve the community association industry 

For more information about individual committees, please email or contact a committee member using their contact information below. 

Take A Manager To Lunch 
Brooke Marrs, 
Roxanne Martinez, 

Trade Show 
Christopher Sharp,
Education Committee 
Jonathan Clark, 
Athena Henrickson,

Gala Committee 
Lisa Cox,
Shera Lehman,
Membership Committee 
Dee Eaton,
Tiara Collier,

Community Outreach Committee 
Tally Jenkins,
Chris Conlon